Is Buying a Loaner Car a Good Decision?

There are several alternatives to buying a new car, including buying used or certified pre-owned. One option most people don’t think of right away is buying a loaner car. What is a loaner car and is pursuing one a smart move?

Lend us your time for a quick read and we’ll tell you all about our INFINITI loaner cars!

What Is a Loaner Car?

Before loaner cars from dealers go up for sale with a discounted price tag, they’re used as courtesy vehicles for service center customers.

When a customer schedules a service or repair that’s expected to take more than an hour or so, they have the option of driving one of the dealer’s loaner vehicles while their own car is in the shop.

Run for a few days or maybe just a few hours and returned promptly to the dealer, dealerships monitor the use of each loaner car carefully. They also rigorously maintain their loaner fleets so that they always have top-condition cars to lend out to their loyal service customers.

When a loaner car has made its rounds as a courtesy vehicle for a set period of time or miles, the dealership will put it up for sale in their used car inventory and transition in a new model loaner vehicle to replace it.

What Are Some Benefits of Buying a Loaner Car?

Popular Models: Loaner cars serve their own purpose as advertising for the dealership’s new vehicle inventory, so those selected to serve a term as a loaner are often the most popular models from the manufacturer’s lineup, loaded with the most desirable technology and features. At Norm Reeves Cerritos INFINITI, popular loaner cars range from the INFINITI Q50, to the INFINITI QX60.

Like-New Condition: In rotation for just a year or less, loaner cars from dealers tend to have minimal mileage on their odometers. They’ve also been kept in supreme condition since the dealership service center ensures they’re detailed between drivers and up-to-date on all required maintenance.

Compared to a used car that may be many years old, have tens of thousands of miles on it, and fuzzy routine maintenance history, loaners are very gently used.

Learn More About INFINITI Loaner Cars near You

Offering desirable model setups, serious price breaks, and proven performance, loaner cars like the ones in our used car showroom at Norm Reeves Cerritos INFINITI are a wise alternative to buying new that’s definitely worth exploring.

If you’re car shopping on a budget in Long Beach, Torrance, and Fullerton, asking your local dealership about any loaner cars they may have in their used car inventory is a great first step.

Loaner cars from Norm Reeves Cerritos INFINITI retire their courtesy car duties after one year and have a total of 20,000 miles on them. To learn about the loaner vehicles Norm Reeves Cerritos INFINITI has in stock, contact us here for more information.

Best of luck with your car search!