INFINITI Tire Pressure Sensor

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Driving an INFINITI puts you inside one of the most sophisticated cars out on the road. Its advanced technologies inside the cabin give you a convenient, comfortable, and fun commute.

There are also systems that can detect if there are any issues that need your attention, such as your tire pressure monitoring system. If you notice that your INFINITI tire pressure sensor is on, that means it is trying to alert you something is wrong. What exactly? Our team here at Cerritos INFINITI is here to help answer that question.

What Causes My INFINITI Tire Pressure Sensor to Come On?

Your INFINITI is equipped with a system that constantly measures the pressure in your tires. This is important because having the right amount of air in each tire provides you with safe driving along with efficient performance.

When one or more tires fall outside the recommended pressure range, the system will turn on an indicator light. Why your tires lose pressure can be due to various factors, though.

When the light first comes on, keep an eye on it and see if it turns off. Changes in temperature can influence the air pressure in your tires, so the light may come on for just a short period of time then turn back off.

If the light stays on, then you will want to check the pressure in your tires the next time you are stopped. Using a gauge, get a reading of each tire and fill air in the ones that have low pressure.

Still See the Warning Light on Your Dashboard?

In some cases, your tire pressure warning light may still be on when you return to driving. The best way to get it to turn off is to reset the system. It usually should do this on its own, so drive around at highway speeds for a little while and see if it ends up turning off. You can also look in your owner’s manual to see the specific way you can manually reset it on your electronic dashboard.

If the light still stays on or you see it flashing on and off, then you may either have a leak in one of your tires or the sensor isn’t working properly. If that is the case, our expert technicians here at our INFINITI service center can help.

We can replace your faulty INFINITI tire pressure sensor so your vehicle can continue to monitor your tire’s condition properly. If you need any INFINITI tire repair, we can fix it so it can doesn’t lose air anymore.

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Whether you need your tire pressure sensor replaced in your car or are looking for a place to get INFINITI tire repair, our trained technicians can help fix whatever tire issue you are experiencing so you can get back to safe and smooth handling out on the roads near Mission Viejo, Orange County, and Cerritos.

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