INFINITI QX30 Cerritos, CA

INFINITI QX30 | Cerritos, CA

Choosing the right sleek and stylish crossover for your adventures in Mission Viejo, Orange County, and Cerritos is never easy, but doing some research can certainly help you decide. The INFINITI QX30 meets your criteria with its impressive style, its assortment of technology and features, and of course, its performance. At Cerritos INFINITI, we’re here to provide you with some helpful resources so you can learn all about this luxury crossover!

These INFINITI QX30 reviews can help you get a strong sense of this vehicle so you can determine if it’s the one for you!  Contact us today.

Engine Specs & Features

The QX30 comes equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. The engine comes paired with a 7-speed double clutch transmission, which gives drivers a sportier handling while the engine reaches its full 208 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque capability. The engine also features the Idle Start/Stop which helps improve the fuel efficiency by shutting off the engine during prolonged stops and idling.

The cabin of the INFINITI QX30 is equipped with some pretty sophisticated features and technology. The dashboard includes the INFINITI InTouch™ 7-inch display that features voice recognition technology, allowing you to select your media or phone contacts through voice commands.


QX30 Reviews

Part of deciding on the right car is by learning more about it. Our INFINITI QX30 reviews can help you get a stronger sense of the vehicle by showing you what it offers. These reviews cover important factors like the performance, interior space and cargo capacity, entertainment and technology, and even the safety. By reading the QX30 reviews, you’ll have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the vehicle that will make the test drive even more informative!


When it’s time to begin searching for your next crossover, you’re probably considering several models. Of course, while all these models are great and offer a lot, it’s hard to determine which one is right for you. Our INFINITI QX30 comparisons can help you narrow down your list because they take similar crossovers and measure them up to the QX30.

These comparisons take models similar to the QX30 and showcase what each vehicle offers. The vehicles are compared by the engine power, interior comforts and space, features and technology, and even the safety and driver-assistance features. By learning more about what the vehicles offer and how they differ, you’ll know which of the models on your list is best suited for you and your needs.

Review the INFINITI QX30 For Yourself!

At our INFINITI dealership, we’re proud to offer these QX30 reviews and resources for drivers, so they can learn more about this luxury crossover with what it offers, what it can do, and how it compares to similar models on the market. Of course, reading these QX30 comparisons and reviews can help you learn more, but getting behind the wheel is simply the best way to see if this luxury crossover is right for you!

Schedule a test drive at Cerritos INFINITI. We’re proud to provide resources and hands-on experience to drivers in Mission Viejo, Orange County, and Cerritos for when it’s time to find their next car!

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