The 2018 INFINITI Q60 vs Audi A5 Comparison

There’s nothing quite like tackling the streets of Long Beach, Torrance, and Fullerton in a stylish luxury coupe. While there’s plenty of options out there, there are a lot of drivers who are torn between the INFINITI Q60 vs. Audi A5. At Norm Reeves Cerritos INFINITI, we’re going to delve a little further to see how these two popular coupes compare, so drivers like you in Riverside and Glendale can choose the right model.

Keep reading this 2018 Q60 vs. A5 comparison to find out which of these vehicles is the one for you!

INFINITI Q60 vs Audi A5 Engine Options & Performance

The Q60 and A5 each come outfitted with respective 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engines that come paired with 7-speed transmissions. The Q60 also offers two distinct V6 engine options, one of which delivers 300 horsepower while the other one can push even further to a remarkable 400 horsepower. While the A5 can certainly impress drivers with its base level performance, there are no other options for drivers to push the limits. The highest output of the A5 is 252 horsepower, which is a pretty gaping chasm with the 400 horsepower-capable turbo V6 that the Q60 offers.

Interior Technology & Entertainment

Each of these coupes offers some impressive features within their respective cabins. The Q60 includes the INFINITI InTouch™ dual display, with an 8-inch upper screen and a 7-inch lower screen that gives drivers access to a range of media options and features that they can access through the use of voice commands. The Audi A5 includes a 7-inch touchscreen that isn’t voice-activated. Each vehicle includes HD Radio™, Bluetooth® connectivity, CD players with MP3 playback, and both USB and auxiliary inputs for portable media devices. The Q60 also offers a 3-month trial subscription of SiriusXM® Satellite Radio, which adds more than 150 stations to the entertainment options.

Coupe Style & Design

The INFINITI Q60 and the Audi A5 each bring their own distinctive style to the table. But while each vehicle has a visual pop that draws attention, there are some notable differences. The Q60 offers a smooth body appearance with its cascading cabin and its sleek profile that highlights the side door indentations. The A5, on the other hand, is alluring in its own right, but it simply blends in as a sedan and doesn’t offer the lavish appeal that drivers expect from a coupe.

Deciding Between the INFINITI Q60 vs Audi A5

After reading this comparison of these two stylish coupes, you’re now aware of what they both offer with their performance, their style, and their features. While you’re now informed of what these vehicles include, you’re also aware of the many notable advantages that the Q60 has over the A5. If you still need more details to get a better perspective of the Q60, you can always drop by for a visit at Norm Reeves Cerritos INFINITI where you can take a closer look and gain some insight from behind the wheel.

Become familiar with the INFINITI Q60 by scheduling a test drive with us today. We’re here to help drivers in Long Beach, Torrance, Fullerton, Riverside, and Glendale learn all about the vehicles that they’re interested in.


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