INFINITI G37 Dashboard Light Guide

If you’re concerned about a dashboard symbol on your INFINITI G37, Norm Reeves Cerritos INFINITI is in your corner. Below, you’ll find a dashboard light guide for the INFINITI G37. This is a great resource for drivers in Torrance, Long Beach and Fullerton who are wondering whether or not the light on their dashboard means they should get their vehicle serviced at an INFINITI dealership.

If you notice any of the following lights on your INFINITI G37’s dashboard, be sure to schedule a maintenance appointment.

INFINITI G37 Dashboard Symbols

Dashboard symbols fall into one of two categories — indicator lights and warning lights. Every vehicle, including the INFINITI G37, has a set of each, but communicate different kinds of information to the driver.

Generally, indicator lights appear to notify the driver about a vehicle’s present condition or when a nonessential feature is in use. Warning lights are more serious and require your immediate attention. Here are some common warning and indicator dashboard lights you should be aware of:

Master Warning Light

The INFINITI G37’s master warning light looks like a triangle with an exclamation point inside. When it appears on your dashboard, we recommend pulling over to a safe location and contacting roadside assistance.

Brake Warning Light

This light is represented by either an exclamation point inside a circle or the word BRAKE. If it appears, there could be a problem with your brakes. Either that or your parking brake is engaged. Verify that the parking brake is off. If the light remains, schedule an appointment with a mechanic you trust.

Anti-lock Braking System Warning Light

The letters “ABS” will appear on the INFINITI G37’s dashboard if there is a problem with its antilock braking system. These are an essential safety feature, so schedule a service appointment with your INFINITI dealer to have your braking system inspected.

Charge Warning Light

The charge warning light is depicted by a battery with plus and minus symbols on it. If it appears, there may be a problem with the INFINITI G37’s charging system. When you notice it on your dashboard, have the INFINITI G37’s battery inspected by a technician immediately.

Engine Oil Pressure Light

If you notice the engine oil pressure light on your dashboard, pull over to a safe location and stop the car immediately. It looks like an old-fashioned oil can and indicates a drop in oil pressure. There could be a serious problem with your engine, but only a professional mechanic can diagnose the exact problem.

Clear Your Dashboard at Norm Reeves Cerritos INFINITI

It can be unnerving when a warning symbol lights up on the INFINITI G37’s dashboard. If you ever have a question about a warning or indicator light, please contact Norm Reeves Cerritos INFINITI, conveniently located at 10901 East 183rd St, Cerritos, CA, 90703. We serve drivers in Torrance, Fullerton, Long Branch and surrounding communities, and we can help figure out what your vehicle is trying to communicate with its dashboard symbols.

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