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Your battery plays a huge role in your car’s performance since it is what creates the energy needed to get your car started. That is why when you are due for car battery service, you want to make sure you have it done as soon as possible so you aren’t left stranded when out shopping at Los Cerritos Center.

Below, learn how to tell when it is time to schedule service for your battery and how our trained technicians at our INFINITI service center here at Cerritos INFINITI can help when the time comes to have your car battery serviced.

Battery Service Cerritos CA

Do I Need a Battery Replacement?

Usually, the battery in your car will last about five to seven years, but the type of driving and even weather conditions can influence just how long your battery will last. One way to gauge your battery’s condition is to have it tested. This will show you if it still has enough charge to smoothly get your engine started each time you put your key in the ignition or push the button.

You can also stay aware of any changes to your car’s overall performance that may indicate the battery is weakening and should be replaced. You may notice that the engine takes a little longer to start up or that the lights appear to be a dimmer than they usually are.

These are both signs your battery is starting to fail and should be replaced as soon as possible before it is completely drained. You can also pop open the hood and take a look at the battery, too. If you notice the terminals and cables are corroding, it is time to get a new battery put in.

Here for All Your Battery Service Needs

Whether you just need to have your battery tested or you notice one of these warning signs and want to have it replaced, our technicians will be here to help. Using the latest equipment, they can test your battery’s voltage to see if it is still in good condition or is ready to be replaced.

If you are in need of a replacement, you can bring your car by our INFITINITI service center and have our technicians quickly take out the old battery and put in a new one that is ready to start up your car each time you are ready to drive.

If you plan on replacing it yourself, you can stop on by our parts department to get your new battery. We make sure to carry genuine parts, so you know you are getting a battery that is designed to last. We can even help make sure you are getting the proper battery for your specific car, so the rest of its systems continue to work properly.

Schedule Car Battery Service at Our INFINITI Dealership 

Contact us at Cerritos INFINITI today to schedule a time to have your battery serviced. Our experts here at our INFINITI service center can help with any car battery trouble you are experiencing and get your car in top shape before you head back out on the roads of Cerritos!

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