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Auto Repair near Lake Forest CA

At Cerritos INFINITI, we know that wear and tear can happen while you’re cruising the open roads near Lake Forest, CA. Did you happen to run over some debris in the road and get a flat tire? Or, are you experiencing any issues braking? If so, you might be ready for your next repair or replacement.Fortunately, whatever issue you may be experiencing, our staff of trained service technicians is here to help you with any auto repairs big or small. Keep reading to learn more.

Auto Repair near Lake Forest CA Need a Tire Repair near Lake Forest CA?

There is never a convenient time for a flat tire, but in case you get one, our team is here to patch you up and get you back out on the roads in no time. “What are the signs you need a tire repair,” you ask? Often, it’s pretty clear when you’re in need of a tire repair, but there are times where it can be difficult to tell.

If you drove over a piece of debris in the road, it’s a good idea to get your tire checked out. If you’ve experienced a flat tire, you’ll more than likely feel a thump and hear a loud vibration as well as a flapping noise. Another common sign you have a flat is when you notice your steering wheel may be pulling you more to the left or right, depending on the tire that was damaged. This is an indication one of your front tires may be in need of a repair.

You don’t have to be driving to experience a flat tire. The next time you drive your vehicle, you may notice that it’s riding a little lower on one side. Also, when you examine your tires, you will most likely hear the air coming out. Luckily, most cars today come with a tire pressure warning system that sends you an alert to your dash when your tires are low. This is an easy way to tell you might be ready for your next tire repair or replacement.

Auto Repair near Lake Forest CA Lake Forest Brake Repair

Brakes are one of the most important safety features in your vehicle. Brakes work when you push your foot on the brake pedal, which then applies pressure to the rotors through the brake pads and creates friction. Brakes often need repairs due to the constant pushing, which adds stress on the rotors as well as the brake pads.

If your daily commute includes highways or roads where you are constantly stopping for lights and traffic, your brakes are working overtime and might need to be repaired more often. Even when you don’t drive your vehicle much, the brake parts can deteriorate over time from rain, snow, and road chemicals, which can cause erosion. If your car sits for a while in these conditions, they are likely to rust.

There are several common signs to watch out for when your brakes are in need of a repair or replacement. One of the most common signs is when you hear a squealing, squeaking, or grinding noise when you apply your brakes. Another clear sign your brakes may need to be repaired is your brake light comes on your dashboard.

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After reading this helpful guide, do you believe you’re in need of your next Lake Forest, CA, auto repair? If so, our trustworthy service team at Cerritos INFINITI is here to help. To schedule your car service, fill out our convenient online form today!

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